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There are two types of garages. A residential garage and a commercial garage. When considering an epoxy floor you have options for the type of garage floor epoxy you want. Residential garages don’t have to put up with the same beating as a commercial garage. However, the epoxy flooring system can look exactly the same. A residential garage floor epoxy will have the same benefits as commercial garage floor epoxy. Grease, oil, and dirt are no challenge to either type of epoxy floors. Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix is here to help.


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Garage Floor Epoxy

What Type of Epoxy Garage Floor Should I Choose for my residence?

That’s a good question. Everyone uses there garage differently. Some homeowners use their garage as a workshop, some operate a business, some have a man cave or recreation room, and some only park the car and store items. How you use your garage will determine what type of epoxy floor system should be installed. Here is just a few of the different types of epoxy flooring available: solid color epoxy, with many color options; epoxy flake floors, with a wide variety of color flakes and sizes; and metallic epoxy floors, with unlimited color options. When installing a garage floor epoxy system, it must be applied at a certain thickness as well as built with individual layers. Once Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix knows your purpose for your garage, we can determine the best epoxy system build and design that we would recommend for your specific project. We provide a no-obligation assessment and quote; and will offer you affordable solutions for your garage floor epoxy system. Call Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix.


Commercial Epoxy Garage Floors Need Heavy Duty Flooring.

Most commercial garages install a solid color epoxy for durability and visibility. These epoxy floors are typically striped with a caution yellow epoxy for safety zones. Every day commercial garages go through extremely harsh use; plain concrete can’t handle this type of abuse. Grease, oil, solvents and corrosive liquids penetrate the concrete, causing unsafe conditions and extreme deterioration. When installed properly, an epoxy garage floor can withstand the harsh environment of everyday activities within the commercial garage. Prior to installing a garage epoxy floor system, we recommend a high-pressure steam power wash with detergent and degreaser. Once this is completed, we grind the floor to open the pores of the concrete which will create the best possible bond for the epoxy floor. A primer/vapor barrier is recommended for deep penetration into the concrete, as well, for best adhesion. In a commercial garage environment, it is common practice to apply two coats of 100% solids epoxy. The next step is 1-2 coats of polyurethane, or polyaspartic, recommended to increase the abrasion resistance. With this high-performance garage floor epoxy system, your epoxy floor will resist the grease, oil, solvents, abrasions, and corrosive liquids for many years. Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix can provide many other epoxy flooring choices based on your needs. Talk to us.


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Garage Floor Epoxy Is a Top Choice

Garage floor epoxy has become the number one choice among homeowners and business owners alike. Homeowners with workshops like the ease of maintenance and stain resistance. Mechanic shop owners like the durability and chemical resistance. Using top grade epoxy floor materials is the key to longevity.
Epoxy Floor with Auto Lift

Impact Resistant

Garage floor epoxies are extremely impact and abrasion resistant. With proper preparation and installation, your epoxy floor will resist the impact of pretty much anything we drop. With the right epoxy floor system in place, an epoxy floor can handle forklift traffic, steel-wheeled carts, and heavy machine operation. For increased protection, one or two coats of a polyurethane or polyaspartic topcoat is highly recommended. Your epoxy floor will shine with brilliance.

Residential Garage with Epoxy Flake Floor

Superior Bond

Obtaining a superior bond for your epoxy floor is essential for a long-lasting, trouble-free floor. There are industry standards that Garage Floor Epoxy Phoenix adheres to. The days of mild acid washing are gone; although there are epoxy installation companies that still use this practice. The proper way to get the best concrete profile is by grinding the concrete prior to your garage floor epoxy system. At Garage Floor Epoxy Phoenix, we have the equipment and we grind every floor.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Residential Interior

Creative Design

Garage floor epoxies are no longer plain and ordinary solid colors. You have many colors, combinations, and designs to choose from. Each epoxy system build provided by Garage Floor Epoxy Phoenix has its own variety of colors and design choices. One of the most common residential garage floor epoxy systems is the epoxy flake floor. Color flakes come in tons of colors and flake sizes for a unique, custom look. The metallic floor is also unique with its marbleized, 3D effects. Again, tons of choices! Let's get creative.

Strength and Beauty

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality when it comes to our epoxy floor coating installations. Whether you’re looking for a metallic epoxy garage floor, an epoxy garage flake floor, or a solid color epoxy garage floor, reaching out to Garage Floor Epoxy Phoenix is a great choice. Not only will we provide you with the quick and affordable installation you’re looking for, but also the capability to depend on your garage floor to deliver both functionality and aesthetic appeal for many years to come. Since you’re looking for the best results, turn to Garage Floor Epoxy Phoenix we are dedicated to achieving quality results.


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