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Do You Have Unsightly Plain Concrete?

If you currently have plain concrete floors, you might want to consider epoxy flooring. Along with durability and easy cleaning, epoxy floors are affordable. Boring, plain concrete can chip and stain easily. Coating your concrete floor with epoxy will provide years of protection and will keep it looking great for many years. Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix can present you with options, so you can make a choicee what will work best for your concrete coating needs. Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix is a professional, reliable epoxy installation contractor with experience, knowledge and integrity.


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Why Choose Epoxy Flooring

Concrete is a strong substrate. However, it’s very porous and it stains and chips easily. Plain concrete over time can look ugly and become unmanageable. Concrete isn’t the easiest thing in the world to clean either. Most concrete substrates are actually meant to be covered or coated. Look around you, and you see concrete covered with carpet, tile, and laminate. Epoxy coatings have been around for many years. Today epoxy flooring has become very popular for coating garage floors, restaurant floors, warehouse floors, retail stores, and more. Why choose epoxy flooring? Epoxy floor coatings are stronger than concrete. As a matter of fact, with a professionally installed epoxy floor system, you can expect a higher impact resistance, exceeding the impact resistance of concrete. An epoxy floor is easy maintenance and stain resistant. Epoxy flooring installations require more than just one coat. Typically, we build multiple coats for a tenacious bond and strength. As an added layer of protection, we recommend a polyurethane or polyaspartic topcoat. Epoxy flooring can come in a variety of colors and system builds. There are many epoxy systems to choose from; such as solid color epoxy floors, epoxy flake floors, metallic epoxy floors, and many other specialty epoxy floor systems. Here at Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix, we take pride in every installation.


Preperation Is The Key

Here at Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix, we believe preparation and a clean substrate are key components for best adhesion of any epoxy floor installation. Most epoxy installation companies acid wash and power wash the concrete floor. This isn’t best practice for bonding to concrete, and your epoxy floor coating will be short-lived. Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix follows industry standards for concrete preparation prior to any epoxy coating. We have gone above and beyond most companies and purchased the necessary concrete preparation equipment to properly prepare your concrete floor. We concrete grind every floor prior to an epoxy floor installation. We even have special HEPA vacuum systems to evacuate 97% of the dust that is created from grinding the floor. Grinding the concrete opens the pores, so when we install your epoxy floor system, the epoxy base coat can absorb deep into the concrete. This is what allows for the best adhesion and a long-lasting floor. Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix wants you to have the best experience with your new epoxy coating.


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What Are The Benefits of epoxy flooring?

Over the years, epoxy flooring products have improved dramatically. For many years, homeowners, commercial facilities and industrial plants have been the proving grounds. These days, everyone is demanding epoxy floors that are solid, durable and easy to clean. As professional epoxy installers, we use only the highest grade of epoxy for your project.
Easy Maintenance Epoxy Flooring

Easy Maintenance

One of the most time-consuming tasks that can come with any floor is the required maintenance and cleaning involved. Whether this is sweeping, waxing, mopping or vacuuming, having the capability to quickly and easily clean your floors and keep them in the best-looking condition at all times is a benefit that every epoxy floor owner can enjoy. With our epoxy floor coating service, you have the capability to have a clean and clear epoxy floor coating that will provide you with a higher level of ease when it comes to the necessary cleaning. A simple sweeping and dust mopping will renew the look of your floor.

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Flooring

Stain Resistant

There are a number of benefits to choosing epoxy flooring for your home or business, from the affordability of installation to the simple cleaning procedures involved. One of the most common benefits that our clients enjoy is that of the added level of protection from stains caused by spills that an epoxy coating provides. By adding an additional protective barrier over your existing concrete, you have the ability to quickly and easily remove messes, and now have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that nothing spilled on your floor will have the ability to seep into the pores of the concrete below.

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Durability Matters

One of the great benefits of choosing an epoxy floor is how durable it is. Your epoxy coating is a barrier that protects the concrete. Durability matters because we drop things on the floor all the time. We also slide things across the floor, as well. Having a durable epoxy coating is essential to all those things we drop or slide on our floors. Epoxy flooring has one of the highest ratings for impact resistance and scratch resistance. One of the other great benefits is the fact that an epoxy coating is seamless. Epoxy floors are unique in the way that they seal one hundred percent of the concrete substrate, adding to the durability.

Choose Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix

When choosing Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix to provide you with the epoxy flooring installation you’re looking for, you can depend on our professionals for a quick and dependable install. We understand that during the curing process, your floors will be inaccessible, which demands the speed of service and efficiency that we can provide with the right epoxy system. We have been bringing superior epoxy flooring to the Phoenix area for many years, using only the highest quality products in the hands of skilled professionals. We know how to provide you with results that go beyond your expectations, and how to deliver it in a schedule-friendly manner. Make the choice to turn to Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix for your epoxy floor coating needs; you can count on an installation that works with your budget.


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