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Epoxy Flake Floor

Design Your Epoxy Floor With Multi-Color Flakes…

If you’re familiar with the benefits of epoxy floor coatings, you may find yourself looking for all same practical benefits but with a touch of unique styling that will allow you to customize your flooring options. When consulting with the professionals at Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix, you have the option to get the full range of epoxy flake floor applications you’re looking for, across a wide variety of different residential and commercial property floors. and they look great.


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Epoxy Flake Floor

Epoxy Flake Floors - By Popular Demand in Phoenix

One of the biggest benefits that comes from choosing an epoxy flake floor system, is having the ability to choose from a huge variety of different flake sizes and color combinations. We are dedicated not only to providing the best quality when it comes to garage floor epoxy colored flakes but also ensuring that you can depend on that customized look to last for the life of your home or business property. When looking for an epoxy floor coating contractor that delivers top quality products and experience with integrity, making the choice to reach out to Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix will get you the best results.

Epoxy Flake Floors Deliver Higher Level of Strength.

One of the most common questions we get about the installation of residential and commercial epoxy floor coating services that Garage Floor Epoxy Phoenix provides is, “Does an epoxy flake floor coating have the same level of strength as a traditional epoxy application?”. The materials that we use, when it comes to any epoxy flooring system we install, are always of the highest quality; giving you an end result that you can count on for the life of your epoxy flake flooring, in terms of both aesthetic appeal and practical benefit. When you need to ensure you get the best results, you need the right professional contractor in your corner.

When looking for a way to make your residential or commercial property flooring stand out, look into the benefits of epoxy flake floor installations. Epoxy flake floors will give you that wow effect you want. With the variety of colors that we provide, the unlimited color combinations that can be created, and the quality of the products that we use, you can depend on our services to provide your residential or commercial property with a result that not only delivers on the practical benefits, but also brings a beautiful finish that will definitely stand out to every customer and visitor.


Multi-Color Epoxy Flake Floors Are in Demand

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Superior Protection

You can hide unsightly stains and concrete inperfections with an epoxy flake floor. There are unlimited color combinations to choose from and high end protective top coats available. Wear resistance is a number one reason homeowners and business owners choose epoxy flake floors.
Epoxy Flake Floor in Animal Hospital


What? The epoxy floor products we use on every installation are antimicrobial. What does that mean? Here is an explanation - Biocides are added to our epoxy flooring product to maintain the integrity from microbial intrusion. A microbial formation can blemish coated surfaces. Also, biocides inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Our epoxy products are not only free of bacterial growth but, they are also VOC compliant. Here at Garage Floor Epoxy Phoenix, we believe a healthy environment is very important, and we take it seriously.

Epoxy Flake Floor in a School

Wear Resistant

No matter which epoxy floor system you choose, you are guaranteed a level of wear resistance, greater than conventional flooring, that extends the longevity and performance of your new epoxy flooring. No matter if it’s daily foot traffic or heavy-duty forklift traffic, epoxy floors can withstand the test of time, over and above conventional flooring. Again, Garage Floor Epoxy Phoenix recommends a scratch and abrasion resistant topcoat for maximum protection. Epoxy floors are durable, long-lasting, easy to clean and look great.

Epoxy Flake Floor Design in Office Building

Design Friendly

You don't have to have plain and ordinary. Our epoxy floor systems are custom-design-friendly. Go ahead and feel free to tell us what kind of design ideas you have in mind. Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix can install most design ideas; whether you are wanting a solid color epoxy floor, an epoxy flake floor, or a metallic epoxy floor. We can even install your favorite logo, team colors and so on. We pride ourselves on installing unique designs that stand out and are amazing. Give us a shot, you'll be happy you did.

No Limits To Creativity And Design

The ultimate goals of our service are not only to provide you with a strong and reliable flooring solution; but also to give you the ability to personalize your property with a unique appearance, and to deliver a result you can take pride in for many years. When making the choice to reach out to the professionals at Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix, you can count on our design experts to work with you to deliver a perfect outcome, giving you the perfect mix of practicality and aesthetic appeal you’re looking for, and delivering our services within your budget to maximize the benefits provided.


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