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Commercial Epoxy Floors

Economical, Durable And Easy Maintainance are Important!

Your commercial property will depend highly on the flooring system, whether this is for a retail space, health center, center or otherwise, the ability to depend on your surface to supply you with strength, resilience and easy maintenance is important. When looking for a quality commercial epoxy floor coating contractor in the Phoenix area, making the choice to rely on Epoxy Garage Flooring Phoenix will provide you with the largest selection of epoxy coating systems and the ability to quickly and economically have your epoxy flooring finish put into place.


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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Protection And Longevity

An important part of bringing longevity to your flooring surface is the capability to protect the underlying concrete from outside intusion. Whether this is staining, chemicals or otherwise, an epoxy floor coating will provide you with the additional level of protection necessary to keep your floors in the best condition. Working alongside our professionals will provide you with the commercial epoxy floor Phoenix area businesses turn to for quality and reliability. We bring the additional level of protection necessary to keep your floors looking great and providing you with dependable quality throughout the lifespan of your business.


Lifetime of Use

Longevity is very important when it comes to every aspect of your business. If you spent all of your time replacing every surface, wall, tile or floor, the money you made in operation would simply revolve its way back into the building. Knowing that you have the capability to rely on your flooring installation to provide you with many years of reliable use can be important when it comes to getting any professional floor installed. Making the choice to reach out to our experts for commercial epoxy floor coating services will bring you the peace of mind that comes with a lasting result.



Safety is paramount when it comes to the flooring you choose for your commercial property and when turning to an epoxy finish from Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix, you can count on a flooring result that provides you with a high level of visibility, ensuring that your customers and visitors can easily navigate every aspect of your property. We are dedicated to bringing the result that delivers on more than just a quality finish but also provides you with a variety of additional benefits that your business can take advantage of. When you need to ensure that you get more than just a quality epoxy floor, it’s time to reach out to Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix.

Specifications That Meet High Standards

Professionally installed high performance flooring that's stronger than concrete.

Commercial Epoxy Floors are Solid

We only use 100% solids epoxy for all our commercial applications. As professional epoxy contractors, we understand the need for wear and tear protection, easy maintenance and a long lasting floor. Let us know what your flooring demands are, and we will provide the perfect solution.
Epoxy Floorin with Quartz in Laundry Mat

Slip Resistant

Slip resistance is important in many types of commercial facilities, for example, commercial kitchens and laundry facilities. We have epoxy flooring that can provide a high level of slip resistance for safety. Aggregate filled and quartz filled epoxy floor systems are a great choice in designing a safe work environment. Reach out to Garage Floor Epoxy Phoenix and we can provide with the specification for a variety of epoxy floor systems to meet the demands of your type of flooring.

Hardware Store with Epoxy Flake Flooring

High Traffic Areas

In most retail settings a good quality topcoat for high traffic areas should be applied for additional protection. By adding an additional topcoat will ensure longevity and preserve your investment in the high-quality epoxy floor system installed. After many years you may start to see wear patterns, this is normal and can be top-coated and rejuvenated with our epoxy floor service. At Garage Floor Epoxy Phoenix we have the solution to your epoxy flooring needs. reach out to us today.

Epoxy Quartz Flooring in Hallway

Abrasion Resistant

To maximize your investment in your choice of an epoxy floor system, abrasion resistance is a key factor. The high-quality topcoat application, we recommended, is the fact you want your epoxy floor to last a very long time. The final topcoat is what protects the floor from not only abrasion resistance but impact resistance as well. There are several types of topcoats that are VOC compliant and very durable. Discussing your option with Garage Floor Epoxy Phoenix can give you insight and peace of mind knowing your floor will last a long time.

Solid Floors For Everyday Use

We not only provide you with the best epoxy floor coating system you need but also bring a full variety of other finishing options that will add to the visual appeal of your floors. Whether you’re looking for a solid color floor, metallic or epoxy flake floor, choosing to reach out to Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix will bring you the level of choice you need to completely personalize your flooring option to your business. We are dedicated to bringing our clients a result that they are satisfied with and that extends to both the practical and aesthetic results delivered.

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