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When looking for a floor coating application that provides durability, longevity, resilience and aesthetic appeal, consider an epoxy floor coating. Epoxy floors will deliver the results you’re looking for. Turn to the professionals at Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix; we provide a professional installation with 100% customer satisfaction. A properly installed epoxy floor will give your residential or commercial property many years of dependable use.


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About Us

Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix has been bringing epoxy flooring to Phoenix area homeowners and business owners for over 20 years. We understand the high expectations of homeowners and business owners. So, we use the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art installation practices. When it comes to fulfilling your epoxy floor needs, there is little we can’t accomplish. Whether it’s a commercial epoxy floor, or garage floor epoxy, reach out to the professionals at Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix. We have a full range of services to choose from that will provide a practical and aesthetic result, that will enhance your current concrete floor.


Our Services

We have been the main source of quality solid color floor epoxy, epoxy flake flooring, and metallic epoxy floor installations in the Phoenix area. Commercial and residential property owners have come to us because we also offer specialty type epoxy floor covering services. So, if you’re looking to bring a high level of protection to your concrete flooring, or need a specialty floor, we can design it, install it, and meet your specialty floor needs. We provide you with a dependable service that will deliver all the benefits you need. With a short phone call to Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix, we can schedule a time at your convenience to meet with you to discuss the epoxy floor project you have in mind.


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If you’ve been looking for a way to bring an added level of protection to your concrete flooring, consider the best in epoxy flooring. Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix will ensure that you get a quality installation, results that deliver and all the benefits you need. We use only the highest quality materials in order to deliver a result that will enhance the look of your concrete flooring, while also bringing an added level of protection and stain resistance that’s unparalleled. If you need an affordable and effective means of keeping your floors looking great, take a look at what our epoxy services can do for you.


garage floor epoxy

Concrete garage floors are constantly subject to staining and wear & tear; whether it’s motor oil, transmission fluid, dropping something heavy on the surface, or any other damage. That can have a negative effect on your current concrete garage floor. Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix has the perfect solution. Have you ever noticed how most garage floors are chipped and stained? Having the benefits of a protective garage floor epoxy coating can bring you peace of mind knowing that you have the best solution; and you get the great visual appeal you’re looking for. Garage floors with epoxy are simple to maintain, abrasion resistant, and they look great.

Epoxy Flake Floor

Epoxy color flakes come in different sizes ranging from 1/32″ to 1″. With an upgrade of epoxy floor color flakes, you can mix and match sizes with countless color choices. For garage floors, epoxy color flakes will give you a custom epoxy floor that will last for years. With a commercial epoxy floor, that custom look will definitely be a “wow” factor for your business. Whether you have a garage floor, or a commercial floor, we can custom design your floor that will give you the visual appeal you want for many years. We can also add company logos, sports team logos, or your choice of just about any logo or design. Ask Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix about an epoxy flake floor today.


Metallic Epoxy Floor

There simply is not another look available with the capability to match the appearance of a metallic epoxy floor. Metallic epoxy flooring has become one of the most sought-after concrete floor coatings today. With its unique look and 3D dimensions, you can expect a totally custom floor that definitely says “WOW”. At Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix, we are dedicated to bringing you durable, aesthetically pleasing epoxy floor coatings that ensure easy maintenance and longevity. We have been the local choice in quality epoxy flooring over the course of many years and provide you with the highest level of experience and expertise.

commercial epoxy floor

As a business owner, you depend on your commercial flooring to provide you with a number of different benefits, from strength and easy cleaning to attractiveness. With commercial epoxy flooring, a high level of abuse won’t hinder the performance of the epoxy coating. These floors will hold up for many years to come. There are a number of specialty coatings that Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix can design for most commercial and industrial applications. Don’t fall for the cheap versions of these applications; you won’t get the longevity you need. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the proper specifications and epoxy floor designs to meet any epoxy flooring need.

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Easy Care for Epoxy Floors

One of the biggest benefits of owning an epoxy garage floor is the minimal up-keep. Grease, oils and anything that spills on your floor is super easy to clean. In most cases, a simple wipe of the area and your good to go. For bigger spills on your floor, you can mop the surface easily, with a mild liquid soap, and water. Epoxy flooring systems that Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix installs are stain resistant, as well as, chemical resistant. If you get a corrosive substance on your epoxy floor, don’t panic. Your floor is non-absorbent and most harsh chemicals won’t harm the flooring surface. As added protection, a polyurethane topcoat can be added. You can also call us for more information. We are here to help.

Epoxy Maintenance Service

Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix not only provides you with quality concrete garage floor epoxy services, but we also bring you the capability to maintain the look and integrity of your epoxy floors over the course of many years. Naturally, this surface application will begin to wear down, but the capability to restore the look and feel of your flooring quickly, and reliably, is only a phone call away. Our professional maintenance service can provide you with the means to revive the look of your epoxy flooring, when you need it. Even if your floor was installed by another epoxy installation company, we can do a maintenance service that will renew your floor.


Get Added Protection

With all this talk about epoxy flooring, what is added protection? Well, at Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix we recommend one or two topcoats of either polyurethane or a polyaspartic. Why? Depending on how you plan to use your epoxy floor, polyurethanes and polyaspartics are the final protective layer. Both topcoats are a high-end, scratch resistant coating that actually protects the epoxy layers. These two topcoats also resist harmful, corrosive chemicals and prevent hot tire pick up. Impact resistance plays a very important part with both polyurethane and polyaspartics. These topcoats are very reflective and holds a shine for years. You won’t be disappointed with the upgrade.


Layered Epoxy Floor Sytem Diagram

Epoxy Floor Functionality

With a residential or commercial epoxy floor system, you want to make sure it’s completely functional and has a great appearance. We provide quite a few options for you to choose from. Getting the right look, is just important as functionality. Whether it’s a solid color epoxy floor, epoxy flake floor, specialty epoxy flooring or a metallic epoxy floor, you have choices. Keep in mind with all the options available to choose from, these flooring systems work in any residential or commercial property environments. When you need the services of professionals who are dedicated to fulfilling your desires, you can count on Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix.


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If you’re looking for more information on the professional garage floor epoxy services we provide, or need pricing for commercial epoxy floor coatings, make the call and reach out to us. Our staff can provide you with a knowledgeable and quick response you’re looking for, so you can move forward with your project. We guarantee to provide quality service from the beginning of your project to the end and your satisfaction. When you need dependability, you can count on Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix.



After reaching out to a number of different companies for garage floor epoxy, I came across Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix and decided to give them a call. They provided a variety of different options, giving me the ability to plan my floor installation accordingly. The services they provided were fast, friendly and efficient and they made sure to deliver results within my schedule and adhered to the budget I had in place.
Britney S.
Peoria, AZ
When it came time to have maintenance done on my flooring, I called on Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix for their professional garage floor epoxy services. As they were the ones who installed it, I trusted them to deliver the necessary top coat to keep it in the best condition.
Valerie D.
El Mirage, AZ
I’ve always liked the look of a metallic epoxy floor and after finding that Epoxy Garage Floor Phoenix had the capability to carry it out, I booked my appointment the same day. They gave me a wide range of options when it came to job scheduling, allowing me to have the epoxy floor coating installed right after having the concrete prepared. This really helped minimize any downtime in my new restaurant.
Robert R.
Phoenix, AZ

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